The installation of a pipeline or other technological facility - from designing to receiving of the ordered steel products - requires a number of operational steps: a series of technical and commercial negotiations, contracting, transportation, packing, storage, documentation etc.
For undertaking professional projects we provide the following services to our partners:

  • "Package" offers, technical consultations
    The optimal commercial quotation for a certain project is realized by taking a lot of different factors into account: both technical requirements of the steel materials and the current market situation are inevitable. In order to prepare the "best puzzle" for our customers we select the most convenient supply sources from several points of view.
  • Project management and coordination
    ARGENTO Ltd. handles the partial deliveries of a complex project order in the frame of an integrated project system with independent project managers, and not separately. That person controls every moment of the delivery/transportation. Our business system was developed by the grounds of our multi-year commercial experience which enables our customers to receive the ordered materials at the required delivery time and the required destination.
  • Transportation and logistic
    By the help of our warehouse and combined transport solutions, the duration and the cost of the import transportation can be significantly reduced. The ordered steel products are delivered to the premises of our customers, to the required destination or into our warehouse to be stored.