Steel pipes acc. to EN, DIN, ANSI/ASTM, API standards

Alloy and non-alloy steel pipes; seamless or welded

By material content:
  • Steel pipes with special requirements
  • Steel pipes with special high requirements
  • Boiler pipes
  • Heat resistant steel pipes
  • Cold resistant steel pipes
  • Fine grain steel pipe
  • Quenched tempered steel pipes
  • Stainless steel pipes

By field of application:
  • Pipes for steel structures
  • Precision steel pipes
  • Power-line steel pipes
  • Heat exchanger steel pipes
  • Steel Pipes for water supply pipelines
  • Coated steel pipes / with PE, PP, cement, bitumen or epoxy linings
  • Oilfield tubular - casing, tubing, couplings, crossovers


Fittings acc. to EN, DIN, ANSI/ASTM standards

Elbows, tees, reducers, end caps etc.  

We are representing the company Starofit GmbH in Hungary, which is one of the biggest fitting storage companies in Germany.

Other steel products acc. to EN, DIN, ANSI/ASTM standards

Flanges, sheets, round bars etc.

Technical properties of steel pipes
Material comparative table
Outside-inside coating