The mission of Argento Ltd.’s logistics team is to provide complex solutions to their customers on the market of steel pipes and piping products with the assistance of our reliable suppliers and transporters.

With the help of our well-located logistics base, the duration and cost of import can be significantly reduced by organizing individual and combined shipping. Having more than two decades of experience, we were able to create a business data processing system that supports the project-supply and guarantees that our customers receive their orders in a cost effective way, within the deadline and at the place. Just in time.

Our warehouse-logistic services

  • Storage indoors and outdoors
  • Packing and removing from storage
  • Manual and machine material handling
  • Handling pallet and individual products
  • Comission, unpacking, creating lots
  • Packing, strapping, wrapping
  • Inventory management

Transport organization

  • International and domestic transport, coordinating shipments
  • Export/import- and domestic shipping documentation
  • EKÁER and custom administration
  • Advicing orders from stock within 24 hours, shipping within 48 hours
  • Shipping pallet products in urgent cases with our own vehicle

In case of high-priority projects

Argento Ltd takes special care of the partial deliveries of high-volume projects, with the coordination of the project manager and the logistics manager, and provides the following services:

  • personal delivery
  • status report in case of manufactured products
  • product examination (inspection, size-checking randomly)
  • product marking, packing, documentation and shipping, sorted by destinations
  • discharging steel pipes in depos (cranage, binding)