In cooperation with our subcontractors we offer various product processing options to our customers, which might help a quicker, simpler or just more precise welding process on site.

We often quote an alternative product usually from stock of our partners, which will technically correspond to the requirements after mechanical processing and finally will result a quick and cost efficient solution for the customer.

Steel pipes

  • pipe end bevelling
  • pipe cutting
  • pipe bending by inductive or cold process

Elbows, fittings, forgings

  • wall thickness machining to connecting pipe dimension
  • cutting elbows to requested angle/sections
  • bevelling
  • special forged fittings (e.g. nipples, T-intersections, Y-profiles)


  • machining of heavy wall flanges to requested connecting size
  • face machining (e.g. tongue/ groove, male/ female)
  • tapering of ring type joint
  • drilling (smooth and tapped)
  • machining of edges (inside and outside)
  • tapped holes
  • flanges for duplicated pipe lines